How to Take Screenshots in Android Studio

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Screenshots are normally used at the time of uploading your developed application on app store. These screenshots are visible images to the end users who visits your app. It means that it is one of the important task for an android developer. An android developer should know how to take screenshots from their developed apps. There are almost 90% devices where we don’t need android studio for taking screenshots, because lots of phones and tablets have built in facility of taking screenshots. But what to do when your device has no feature of taking screenshots. Most of the people don’t know how to take screenshots in android studio.

Well, this is quite simple in android studio to take pictures from your live app using the built in feature of this development tool.

Follow the following steps for taking screenshots in android studio

Step # 1

Run a test app or actual app on android studio while connecting a real device or Genymotion or any other emulator. This can be done by clicking on the run button from the top menu.


Step # 2

Once application runs on your device or emulator click on android tab as shown on the image below, it will open a page which will look like this given below in the picture

taking screenshots in android studio by etechnologytips1

Step # 3

Click on screen capture (a camera icon, highlighted in the image below). Once you click this icon a pop up window will open where you will see the screen which is currently visible on your device. To save image click on the “Save”, give name to your image and it will store image to your computer.

taking screenshots in android studio by etechnologytips

This is all you need for capturing image from android studio.


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