On Page SEO And How to Use Google Keyword Planner

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How does on page optimization work. It’s a simple formula, just learn few tools or one by Google for researching some relevant keywords to your topic. First research for suitable keywords for your web pages. After keyword research change content of your web pages respectively (google like websites with updated and new content). After you analyze the progress then start again the keyword research task. But in the mean, while the most important thing is to stay patient. Because SEO takes some time to show and give you fruits. When you change and update your site today it can take some time to the search engine’s bots to notice the changes on your page and rank your website in Google results.

Here in this article, I would like to show you how to look for the right keywords for your website.

To find appropriate keywords, it all starts with a brainstorming. You can use a lot piece of paper or use tools like Freemind, MindView etc. to create some figures and initial project estimations. You might start with the categories of your website and type subcategories until you determine the relevant keywords. One tool for researching keywords is the Google keyword planner. (link is given at the end of this article). In order to use google keyword planner you will need a google account (gmail id). Google keyword planner is a statistics tool. It shows you the number of keywords entered in google search by end users in the past.


Click for new keywords


You can enter a single keyword or list of keywords.


And you can set a particular location or whole world by selecting “All locations”. This option is helpful, for example, if you want to rank your website in certain city or country you can choose that particular city or country by just typing. In this way, you can return records locally for a particular region or country.


Then choose get ideas


You will get keywords as seen in the image below against iPhone reviews keyword


However what is important for SEO is the first column (highlighted)


The other columns are for those who pay for ads in google search results as a part of search engine marketing (SEM).


Click on a group idea for example iPhone review and get this list of keywords suggestions


Clicking on the head of the column you can order results by the number of average monthly searches. Now the question is which keyword to go for. If you look at the first one (highlighted) you see most of the searches are for this result. But the concurrency is very high too. It means that this is already accessed by other websites which are ranking for this keyword.


Therefore you should search for other keywords with more searches and low competition. ( locate a keyword)

Before you would optimize your page for this keyword you might be interested in which pages are found in google and entering this term.

Therefore, we switch to Google search and enter the keyword to the search field. To get some more inspiration of what people are searching for you can look at the list of relevant keywords at the bottom, you can choose a keyword from the bottom line suggestions of google page.


Bottom of the Google search result page


In order to sort out all the relevant keywords, you might download the results in CSV format and then join with another keyword suggestions list. Finally, you might filter out the rows which do not match your topic and figure out which keyword phrase is matching best to your needs. The further source for keyword research is google suggest. Therefore you just go to google search and start typing the keywords shown underneath the input field are those the users are using.


At the same way, you can use other tools for keyword research such that MOZ pro version and others like this.

Link to Google Keyword Planner: https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner/


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