4 Main Areas of SEO

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When talking about search engines most people think of Google. However, keep in mind that there are Bing and Yahoo as search engines. Therefore  SEO is not only about Google. Now have a look at some external tools like MOZ, SISTRIX, Google itself and many others like these. These tools help you to understand lots of things related to these search engines and their requirements. These tools are important for both SEO and SEM (these are two different areas).  Many people mix up SEO and SEM. Let’s have a look at the differences between SEO and SEM.

SEM refers to search engine marketing. Most of the time when you search on a search engine like Google you see two types of results on the search pages (paid results and natural results against the entered keyword). Mostly on the top and on the right side we see links with a label “ads”. These ads are placed by search engines on a request from advertisers. You can also ask Google to place your website on the top or on the right side of search result pages against a particular keyword or keywords. Each time user clicks on your ads you pay Google a specific amount against entered keyword. Where and when to place an ad will be part of SEM or search engine marketing. It is called SEM.

Below the ads you can see some feature results with rich snippets. This may a video, map or a particular news against your entered keyword. Google gives more value to content-rich results.

Below these ads and featured results you can see normal results against a particular keyword. For example, if you enter a keyword say “What is SEO” you will see results related to search engine marketing. Here we will focus on these results which appear below top two areas.

SEO consists of 4 main areas:

Following are the 4 areas you should learn before starting SEO campaign.

The first one is called On page. It is all about how to structure the content of your web page so that exclusively fits into the search engine index. Some of the on page elements are:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta description
  • Design of your page
  • Page loading time
  • Page navigation
  • On page content
  • Many others according to your area of interest

The second area is called off-page optimization. Off page optimization focuses on elements outside of your website. Mainly the links from other websites to your website for the ranking in search engines it’s important to build some quality backlinks from other websites. It’s important in off page optimization how other websites are linked to yours.

The third area of SEO is indexability. You will need to take care of some technical factors to facilitate search engines to crawl your page. In this section, you define which part of your website should be crawled and which part should be lifted out.

Last but not the least, social networks become more and more important in search engine optimization. Without social signals, it is hard to get desired traffic. Your social networking activities are more and more important in internet marketing. Your activity on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus gets rewarded with a better ranking in search engines.

Final Words

These are the four main areas where you should invest your resources in order to gain better results and a good user experience. In my opinion, your all other three activities have completely depended on yours on page SEO. So before doing other activities try to fully optimize yours on page elements for the search engines.


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