Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition

Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition Review

Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition Review – We’ve known for quite a while that there would be a Haswell-based Extreme Edition processor that brings quad-channel memory support and more than twice as many PCI-E lanes as the recently launched Devil’s Canyon processors. Despite our utter...

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PNY LEGO USB Flash Drive

PNY LEGO USB Flash Drive Review

PNY LEGO USB Flash Drive Review – We have reached peak LEGO. The evidence is overwhelming: The plastic brick factory hauled in $2.03 billion in the first half of 2014, putting it a 1×1 brick ahead of Mattel as the top toy maker in the...

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ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q Review – The LCD monitor is one of the handful of components that can make a real, tangible difference for gamers. Qualities such as high refresh rates, rapid response times, and widescreen aspect ratios can help you more easily target your...

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Tesoro Tizona Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tizona Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Tesoro Tizona Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review – Very few of us will ever find ourselves competing in the League of Legends World Championship or other MOBA games. Most of us will never reach the top rungs of the StarCraft II ladder. And that’s OK....

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GX Gaming Mordax

GX Gaming Mordax

GX Gaming Mordax Review – The gaming headsets we’ve reviewed in the past several months all ship with either a USB connector or a phono plug connector. Powered amplification, LED lighting, and some virtual surround sound features are possible with the former headsets. With the...

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GAW Miners Hashlet

GAW Miners Hashlet Solo Digital Cloud Miner

Bitcoin mining has changed dramatically in the five years since its inception. Today, GAW Miners is leading the charge toward mainstream Bitcoin mining with its new line of cloud-based Hashlet mining ASICs. Start From Hobby To Profit In Bitcoin mining’s early days, people largely mined...

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Create Geometry Effects Photoshop

Step 14 geometric effects photoshop

Step One Open an image where the subject could convey geometric movements or shapes (we used dancers in our example, but you could use BMX riders, basketball players, figure skaters, etc.). Now, open an image of some computer code. Using the selection tool of your...

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Optimize the Start Menu

Make it work

Unlike the start menu in Windows 8, The Start menu in Windows 7 is quite similar to the old one from Windows XP and Vista, but Microsoft made some subtle, yet significant improvements to make it even more useful. As before, it’s divided into three...

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Sync files with OneDrive

Download OneDrive

Owning a computer is no longer considered a luxury. In fact, many people – or households, at least – have more than one machine at their disposal. If you’re one of those people who often find themselves working with multiple computers – perhaps a desktop...

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