Mobile gaming at E3 2014

Gaming E3 2014

Mobile gaming made a huge bow at E3 2014. Among the small-screen developers at the show was Gameloft, creator of the hugely popular Asphalt series of racing games – it previewed the next iteration in the franchise here – and massively multiplayer online game developer...

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How Music Help to Shape Modern Science

Ernst Chladni figures capture the patterns created by sound waves

Igor Stravinsky commented that music is certainly related “to something like mathematical thinking and relationship”. For scientists, too, music has been a fruitful subject of study as well as a rich source of metaphor. When theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek and journalist Betsy Devine called their book...

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The Greatest Genius in History

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

The history of science and technology is rich with great minds, but who is the greatest? Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) What Kepler achieved was extraordinary. He was the person who made sense of astronomy. He realised, following in the footsteps of Copernicus, that the Sun is...

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Tweak The Control Panel Windows 8

Hiding Control Panel applets using the Group Policy Editor

Hide Control Panel applets from appearing. The Control Panel: love it or hate it, it is a very simple way to organize all the applets and features of Windows. But the Control Panel’s multilayered organization forces you to click far too many times to get...

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Change Folders in the Open Dialog Box

Open Dialog Box Folder

Change the folders that appear in the Open and Save As dialog boxes in Microsoft Windows 8 applications. When you use certain Windows applications (such as Notepad) to open or save a file, on the left side of the Open dialog box are a group...

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5 Scientific Legacy of World War I

Blood Transfusion World War I

On the 100th anniversary of the war, Ned Lebow explores the more surprising advances that came out of the conflict. Blood transfusions Early attempts to transfuse blood into humans often proved fatal because of an immune response that destroys red blood cells. In 1901, Karl...

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Dota 2

Dota 2 Review

Dota 2 Review – From the coin arcades of the 80s to the present day LAN cafes, gamers have always been drawn to competitive formats that pit them against their peers. Over the years, competitive gaming has evolved into e-sports, and the biggest title in...

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Remembering eWorld, Apple’s Forgotten Online Service

URBAN LIFE eWorld’s main screen offered a playful view of a virtual city

Before the Internet’s meteoric rise, large centralized dial-up services such as America Online, Prodigy, and Compu- Serve dominated the online landscape. In this competitive climate 20 years ago (,,303473,00.html) Apple introduced eWorld, a subscription-based information service for Mac and Newton users. Although Apple shuttered eWorld...

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Nine Technologies That Apple Disrupted at WWDC

Google plans to sell ads on devices such as smart thermostats— but Apple has its own take on the Internet of Things.

This year’s WWDC keynote was jam-packed with new technologies destined for the next versions of iOS and OS X. While this is great news for users, a number of developers who will soon be competing directly with Apple may not welcome the innovations. CLOUD STORAGE...

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